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Sonic Fiction is back!!!

Hello Sonic Fiction readers,

My name is Liam and I’m founder and main for Sonic Fiction. I know that the blog has been dormant since February 2017 and I haven’t posted regularly since the Summer of 2016 but that is about to change.

In fact, a lot about the blog is changing rather than being a critical music blog as it had future posts will be more about informal music debate, discussion and recommendations. Don’t worry if you’re someone who really enjoys the critcal music reviews and articles this will be coming back in a different format later in the year. I warn you however that anything critcal music wise is very much at the idea stage and I won’t have a chance to properly research and plan for it’s launch until later in the year.

In the meantime to celebrate Sonic Fiction’s relaunch I will be posting something to the blog everyday for a month (ending on the 6th May) and I hope this new direction and content will be enjoyed by all readers of the site. Planned posts include a Best Releases of the Year…so far (this will be at least 2 parts maybe more and posted once weekly until all the posts are published), Discovery of the Week (I’m hoping this will become a regular feature) and Music Question(s) (on a Sunday) – where I will post Rough Trade Shops question for that week and we can discuss and debate it in the Comments.

Keep an eye out for new posts on the site or via my Twitter.

Let me know what you think of the new Sonic Fiction in the Comments.

Ok, so I know that this blog was supposed to become active again this month. However, a combination of the fact that life hasn’t gone to plan (“Life is something that happens while you’re making other plans” – John Lennon) and after much thought I’m extending the hiatus indefinitely. I’m come to realization that for the foreseeable future (the next 3-5 years) I can’t see how I will be able to devote the amount that is needed to create the quality of content that I aspire to create. I was also planning to expand what Sonic Fiction (moving into live streaming for instance) but again time consuming and would requite some  investment which I can’t see myself being able to make any time soon.

I intend to post a full My Favourite Release of the Year chart towards the end of December as there maybe time to do that then. It won’t a long elaborate article but a list in no particular order with brief descriptions, links and music/video embeds.But regular posts will not be happening anytime soon.

I would like to thank anyone who taken time to read, Like and share any of the posts on the blog over the years, I really do appreciate it.

Liam Flanagan (editor of Sonic Fiction 2010-?)

I’m afraid of had to come to the decision to put Sonic Fiction on hiatus until October. Unfortunately I have just too much to do in my own life at the moment and to giving it a few days thought it is with difficulty that I’ve decided that it is Sonic Fiction that has to be put to one side. Overall I have enjoyed writing this blog on and off for the last nine the half years but I’m at a point in my life where as much as want this to be a part of it it can’t be for the next few months.

There will be a couple of posts in the next month but they will be brief listicles other than that there will be nothing until October. Obviously if I can’t with any ideas proposed in the meantime I will write them down so knows I may have eternal ideas to get working on come October of an out is goodbye. See all of you soon.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>The year you discovered Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures'?</p>&mdash; Rough Trade (@RoughTrade) <a href=””>June 16, 2019</a></blockquote>

It’s that time of the week again and so I’ll be answering Rough Trade’s music question. This week it’s “The year you discovered Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures”?” So as some of you may know this saw the 40th anniversary of the release of “Unknown Pleasures” by post-punk pioneers Joy Division. I don’t remember the exact year I discovered Joy Division but I was teenager and it was after 1997 because I definitely hadn’t heard it before the release of Radiohead’s “OK Computer”. So I imagine it was somewhere between 1998-2000 and I know that it was my Dad who introduced me to the album because he loves post-punk music and was introducing to the likes of Cabaret Voltaire, Gang of Four, New Order etc through my teenage years. It’s definitely an influential and seminal album and its pretty incredible to think that it is now 40 years old.

Let me know when you first discovered “Unknown Pleasures” and your thoughts and feelings about the album in the Comments.


<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Most exciting EP released in 2019 so far?</p>&mdash; Rough Trade (@RoughTrade) <a href=””>June 9, 2019</a></blockquote>

So it’s that time of the week and I’m going to answer Rough Trade’s Music Question. This week the question is “Most exciting EP released in 2019 so far? This is definitely one of the easier to answer questions of since I started publishing this series of posts. So there would be two main contenders for the most exciting EP of the year so far and they are “Kokoroko” by Kokoroko and “For Lovers” by Octo Octa. “For Lovers” definitely edges it for me it’s three tracks are top quality modern House tracks with a relaxed and warm vibe to them and the lead track ” I Need You” being one of my favourites of the year and one where I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve listened to it. 

What’s the EP that’s got you most excited this year? Let me know in the Comments.  

Do you still buy CDs? I do.

A lot has been made of the rise and rise of vinyl records in recent years and even I started collecting vinyl about six years ago.

However, at the same time there has been two main conversations going about CDs. One is the old format snobs declaring that CDs don’t sound as good as vinyl. I think that one to bed (though it probably won’t) by saying that CDs technically are the superior format in terms of sound quality (this using the scientific and technical specifications) but that many people prefer the sound of vinyl as it sounds warmer due the fact it doesn’t reduce the highest frequencies in music and therefore the bass seems louder and the sound more appealing to the human ear. But that is not why I’m writing this blog post the fact is that vinyl is expansive, heavy and much larger than CDs. So as someone with a limited budget but almost unlimited desire to buy and collect music and have artwork, sleevenotes etc to hand. So I still buy CDs and I will continue to buy CDs for as long as bands and artists I like are releasing music on the format.

As a quick side interestingly CDs price for new releases have been rising recently as have prices on CDs where there is no vinyl release currently available. I’m guessing maybe the first has come about because some CD releases are being imported from America and maybe because of lower sale and low amounts of stock so the price goes up. Even with these rises CDs are still anything from £4-£12 cheaper than new release vinyl.

Do you still buy CDs? Let me know in the Comments below.

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