My name is Liam Flanagan. I’m a UK-based music journalist/blogger, musician and music producer.  ‘Sonic Fiction’ is named so because Sonic was my nickname at school (due to my short hair) and Fiction because readers can believe and/or (dis)agree with the articles I write.

Editor of Sonic Fiction:

As the editor of Sonic Fiction I write the majority of the articles for the blog. They cover a range of subjects and genres. As a music lover I try to explore the subjects within a contextual framework. The aim being to deliver intelligent and well researched content that explores new ideas and new angles on established concepts.

As a musician/music producer:

I am work under the name Mass Movement (which was previous a duo and may indeed other collaborators in the future) . I’d describe the music as containing high-octane propulsive funk with European melodies combined with effected layers of sound: