Ok, so I know that this blog was supposed to become active again this month. However, a combination of the fact that life hasn’t gone to plan (“Life is something that happens while you’re making other plans” – John Lennon) and after much thought I’m extending the hiatus indefinitely. I’m come to realization that for the foreseeable future (the next 3-5 years) I can’t see how I will be able to devote the amount that is needed to create the quality of content that I aspire to create. I was also planning to expand what Sonic Fiction (moving into live streaming for instance) but again time consuming and would requite someĀ  investment which I can’t see myself being able to make any time soon.

I intend to post a full My Favourite Release of the Year chart towards the end of December as there maybe time to do that then. It won’t a long elaborate article but a list in no particular order with brief descriptions, links and music/video embeds.But regular posts will not be happening anytime soon.

I would like to thank anyone who taken time to read, Like and share any of the posts on the blog over the years, I really do appreciate it.

Liam Flanagan (editor of Sonic Fiction 2010-?)