So last week two of videos popped up in my YouTube Recommendations and they were all talking about the same thing Blocking/Blockers on YouTube (the video’s will be embedded at the button of the post). First of all I should that Blockers are the people who request that video is taken down by YouTube in the case of Copyright Infringement. So these Music Educators namely Adam Neely, Rick Beato and Paul Davids have all had videos taken down for Copyright Infringement in recent months. However, their use of these copyrights is perfectly legal as they are using the Copyrighted music is for Educational purposes. In Adam Neely’s case he wasn’t even playing the music mentioned in anyway shape or form his video was taken down because he discussed the music in question. In fact, he had deliberately not included the music due to having been blocked in the past.

Paul Davids case was almost as frustrating as he had again tried what he could to avoid getting blocked and still been blocked because one of his videos featured two seconds of a classic riff. Rick Beato has experienced Blocking on many occasions in the past and come to accept that he may gets Blocked so he expects it and accepts he won’t make money via YouTube. However, he is also getting frustrated that he recently had a video Blocked due to a passing mention of a famous guitarist.

So I’m sure you see that the problem is that the Blockers are Blocking everything without even considering it’s usage and in some cases whether or the video in fact features their music. Rick Beato makes a good point in his video as he believes that other the Artists/Bands involved are getting bad advice or the Publisher acting on their behalf isn’t considering the content of actual video and just blanket Blocking. He also theorizes that many of Bands/Artists doing the Blocking are older artists and that they are out of touch and missing out on potential earnings from the exposure the videos would give them.

If that wasn’t already feeling unfair the next part really is, there is no way to appeal the Blocking via YouTube. This seems like a massive oversight YouTube’s part there have been plenty of successful legal cases down the years where someone has proved they haven’t broken Copyright law because of using the Copyrighted Music for educational purposes. Why can’t the likes of Beato, Neely and Davids appeal on these grounds? While were at it your allowed to use Copyrighted Music if it’s for comedic purposes so should be able to appeal on those grounds too? If a aging musician or out of touch publisher chooses to turn down the opportunity to reach a young audience that wants to learn and may discover their music in that process that’s up to them. But there seems to no excuse for YouTube and/or Publishers to work out an Appeals process so that when Blocking occurs and isn’t just to can be put right.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on Blocking in the Comments below.