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Do you still buy CDs? I do.

A lot has been made of the rise and rise of vinyl records in recent years and even I started collecting vinyl about six years ago.

However, at the same time there has been two main conversations going about CDs. One is the old format snobs declaring that CDs don’t sound as good as vinyl. I think that one to bed (though it probably won’t) by saying that CDs technically are the superior format in terms of sound quality (this using the scientific and technical specifications) but that many people prefer the sound of vinyl as it sounds warmer due the fact it doesn’t reduce the highest frequencies in music and therefore the bass seems louder and the sound more appealing to the human ear. But that is not why I’m writing this blog post the fact is that vinyl is expansive, heavy and much larger than CDs. So as someone with a limited budget but almost unlimited desire to buy and collect music and have artwork, sleevenotes etc to hand. So I still buy CDs and I will continue to buy CDs for as long as bands and artists I like are releasing music on the format.

As a quick side interestingly CDs price for new releases have been rising recently as have prices on CDs where there is no vinyl release currently available. I’m guessing maybe the first has come about because some CD releases are being imported from America and maybe because of lower sale and low amounts of stock so the price goes up. Even with these rises CDs are still anything from £4-£12 cheaper than new release vinyl.

Do you still buy CDs? Let me know in the Comments below.

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for since the relaunch almost two months ago. It would be part of the month of daily posts but that ended up falling apart/to way side in the end. However, now I’m back to regular posting I can write it.

So for anyone around my age (I’m 34) or older we all grew up with physical music e.g. CDs and Vinyl Records being the only way to listen to music. Obviously that isn’t how things are now and I use streaming services like Spotify as much as the next person but I still own a lot of physical Albums roughly 400-500 CDs and about 80 LPs. I imagine that aside from the new releases I buy that got a good few spins when I first buy them that only a small percentage of those albums get played in a year. Well after watching a YouTube video by the Channel 33 RPM I’ve decided that I’m going to try and change that. Now in his video Channel 33 RPM says he has taken down the 50 LPs that he has out on display near his turntable and replaced them with 50 he hand picked from his collection and he’d be doing this on a regular basis to get the most out of his record collection. He also discussed how he was already getting a lot out of it and rediscovering old albums he’d neglected for years. Once I’ve moved house and unpacked later this year I’ll setting myself my own challenge though it’ll be more like a 20 Album challenge as I don’t have a dedicated music room like Channel 33 RPM.

I hope this post inspires you guys to dig deep into your collections. Let me know about your experiences and rediscovers in the Comments.

You can watch the Channel 33 RPM video below:


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