The campaign continues to save BBC 6music and Asian Network and yesterday I stumbled upon another way in which the BBC can redirect their funds into programming avoiding the need for cutting services.

Yesterday I was going old issue of The Guide (The Guardian’s entertainment guide) to decide which to keep and which to recycle. I ended up reading Charlie Brooker’s Screen Burn column that focused on BBC Radio 1 adverts broadcast in October 2009. In the column Brooker describes in detail these adverts that cost a fortune to make and points out that they were in no way relevant to said radio presenters. He added that they wouldn’t increase the viewing figures of Radio 1 and that they’d have been better using a still image and voice over and investing in the programmes themselves.

Brooker hits the nail on the head and its no surprise that the BBC is having to cut services when its throwing money way on adverts like this.

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