Today’s post is Part Three of the three part Goldenweek Tour preview. On Wednesday I covered all-female Japanese Punk/Garage Rock band Otoboke Beaver and yesterday it was the turn of tour mates Sue Say Me a South Korean Indie-Rock band. This final part is about South Korean Skate Punk band Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (DBGC).

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (DBGC) is a three-piece punk band from Daegu, a conservative city in southeastern South Korea. The band name reflects their love of drinking, their youthful appearance, the fact all members participate in singing, and their gender inclusiveness. They cite the Japanese bands Hi-Standard and Dustbox as influences. In 2013 they played at the Ulleungdo Dokdo Rock Festival, and in 2018 they played Big Day South festival in Busan.

Bae Meena (bass & vocals) and Kim Myeong-jin (drums and vocals) got to know each other through the music scene while both were playing in bands. In 2009, they formed a girl punk band called Chicken and Mayo ABC and moved up to Seoul, but both eventually returned to Daegu.

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir are a skate-punk trio from Daegu City, Korea. Formed in 2013 when two drummers MJ and Meena shared a rehearsal space, and decided to form a band. Meena switched to Bass and guitarist Bondu (who had just finished his military service) answered their ad. They bonded over a shared love of drinking, skating and punk.

Inspired by Sum41, NOFX and Daegu’s 90s-00s hardcore punk/indie-rock scene before it moved to Seoul, the band are very passionate about not moving to the capital and nurturing a sustainable local scene.

The recording of Keep Drinking!! started in 2017, but MJ suffered a motobike crash, so the band took a hiatus while awaiting her recovery. When she was fit again, they DIY produced this 18 track debut album, which follows their 2015 EP ‘We are’.

The band signed to Damnably Records and Electric Muse in the summer of 2018 to release debut album “Keep Drinking!!” on digital/CD & vinyl.

Like Sue Say Me I don’t like Drinking Boys and Girls Choir as much as Otoboke Beaver but they are closer to the music I like and are skilled musicians. My only criticism of their musicianship is that they tend to use the same drum patterns on a lot of their songs and this does get overly repetitive. But just like their touring mates they are a band that has been around for a number of years and are a tight and well drilled outfit. They also have the least recorded output of all the bands so there is a still a lot of potential for development of their sound. I would definitely recommend this band to anyone looking for a fun Punk band to mosh and sing along too.

Check out Drinking Boys and Girls Choir music and the Goldenweek Tour Spotify playlist below. 

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