I wasn’t expecting this album in two senses 1) I literally didn’t know it was coming out until it started popping up in my Twitter feed in the last week or so building up to it’s release 2) I wasn’t expecting it to be impressed by it as I had found her last album “Stillness in Wonderland” underwhelming after enjoying her Tiny Desk Concert performance. But I was pleasantly surprised with what I found and that is a UK Hip-Hop album that has shown me that I’m missing out by not keeping track of what is happening in the scene.

This isn’t a subtle album and it gets right to the point on opener “Offence” with it’s punchy drum break, big and bouncy synth bass and Simz confident rhymes and flow asserting their authority over your mind and ears. ‘Boss’ is no less confident or bouncy though the drums are more brittle and electronic and the synth bass is bouncy yet hollow sounding, there is some fantastic blown out distortion applied to Simz vocals in the chorus.  The third track ‘Selfish’ keeps up the quality level but it a gentler track that introduces the soulful vocals of Cleo Sol on the chorus and I’m looking forward to hearing Cleo’s forthcoming debut album. The next highlight is ‘Venom’ on which Simz rips into anyone who would doubt her just because she’s a woman. On ‘Therapy’ she bares her soul over cutting snare, distorted but sleeky guitar and thick stabs of bass guitar.

While I recommend checking out and buying “GREY Area” I still feel that Little Simz is still due to make her best and most complete work but this is a great stepping stone on that journey.

Check out Little Simz below and let me know what you think of “GREY Area” in the Comments.