Back in March I was catching up with some compilations and reissues that were released in 2018 (I seem to really struggle to keep up those types of releases compared to new music releases) and I ended up listening to “Venezuela 70 Volume 2: Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental Rock in the 1970s & Beyond” a compilation album on the always excellent Soul Jazz Records. There were some really good tracks on the compilation but one artist stand out above the rest and his name is Vytas Brenner. His music combines elements from psychedelic rock, Latin American rhythms and traditional Venezuelan music. It is definitely difficult to find comparisons for an artist that touches on so many different types of music but I the closet I’ve got to other similar artists are Isaac Hayes and Serge Gainsbourg at their peak in the early to mids 70s. The combination of funky and danceable rhythms with strings and horns does bring to mind albums like “Hot Buttered Soul” and “Histoire de Melody Nelson”. Vytas stands out from those peers with his use of Latin American rhythms and the traditional melodies/instruments of Venezuela. I’d wholeheartedly recommend checking this artists music.

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