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So welcome to a new regular feature Music Question (on a Sunday) I really enjoy these Tweets from Rough Trade Shops. Now they haven’t posted a good one for me this week as so far I’ve only been to one gig this year. It was Beak> at Gorilla in Manchester. The support band was a one man act called Use or as Billy Fuller (bassist in Beak>) would describe him later “the maddest bastard in France” which he was. Let me know your best Support Band/Act of the Year in the Comments.



This is the first in a series of more informal posts where I share my thoughts and feelings about each month. Other entries that will form this blog’s main content are imminent, so keep checking back.

January hosted a mixed bag of album releases for me. However, it has left me feeling that it’s one of best starts to a musical year for quite a while and following months promise many more treats.

On the one hand, this month provided some disappointments in the form of long-awaited and much anticipated albums by Four Tet (who is this imposter?), RJD2 (who seemed to be trying to marry his two career paths thus far and the results were mixed) and Jaga Jazzist (a band that the more I listen to the more I realise they are incredibly hit and miss). Still even in these perceived failures there was hope and signs of great creativity. Jaga Jazzist in particular are immense and a force of nature when on form.

However, I was caught out by those that I’d not expected much from. Manchester’s Delphic impressed with an album full of strong tunes that managed to neatly dodge the cliches usually associated with indie-dance. Meanwhile the misunderstood (even I didn’t get them first time round) These New Puritans blew me away with fine songwriting, complex arrangements and insanely high production values!! I also enjoyed the dizzying highs of ‘Real Life is No Cool’ by Lindstrom and Christabelle and newly converted Ableton Live lover Blockhead finally added new colours and moods to his excellent production palette with his album ‘The Music Scene’.

I’ve yet to get out to a gig or club night in 2010 but there’s plenty lined up, including Hot Chip in a week’s time.

Back again in March with my February thoughts and feelings.

A Spotify (http link then Spotify URL) playlist for you to enjoy the acts mentioned above:

January 2010 playlist

January 2010 playlist

and due to unresolvable editing issues here is the Spotify playlist for the Albums of the Year 2009 post:

Albums of the Year 2009

Albums of the Year 2009

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