Favourite protest song?— Rough Trade (@RoughTrade) May 26, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

It’s time for this week’s Music Question (on a Sunday), this week the Question courtesy of Rough Trade Shops is What is Your Favourite Protest Song? Wow, this is difficult one to answer there are so many great protest songs we’d be here all day just going through all the Folk protest songs. However, there is one that always struck a chord with me. That song is ‘Free Satpal Ram’ by Asian Dub Foundation the song tells the story of a controversial murder case, that of Satpal Ram, a Birmingham Asian who was jailed for life in June 1987 after defending himself against a racially motivated attack by a group of white men in November 1986. Having grown up in the town of Redditch just thirteen miles from Birmingham I understand the racial abuse suffered by Indian, Pakistani and African immigrants in my town that coupled we the lyrics and hard hitting tune make for a potent combination. Sadly this is the kind of story that is starting to make headlines again and Satpal Ram never did get justice despite many people’s efforts.

Check out ‘Free Satpal Ram’ below and let me know what your favourite Protest song is in the Comments.