Here is a few thoughts and new releases and listening to recently:

Adrian Younge – “Something About April II”

I’ve been an Adrian Younge fun since hearing his soundtrack to the brilliant Blaxplitation homage “Black Dynamite”. He continues a great run of albums released over the last six years. I haven’t heard the original “Some About April” but this is a great album full of soulful and funky tracks. Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) Provence guest vocals on a number of tracks and adds a distinctly Gainsbourg  feel to the whole thing. He might an artist who slavishly recreates glorious moments from the 160s and 1970s but he does it in a way that shows all the light and shade within the genres he works in. He also brings a huge dollop of his own personality and taste.

Stream ‘Hands of God (Remizx) or the full album (via Spotify) below:

Cavern of Anti-Matter – “Void beats/Invocation Trex”

The debut album proper from Tim Gane (guitar, synths – Sterolab), Joe Dilworth (drums – Th’ Faith Healers/Stereolab) and Holger Zapf (synths) is both a trip down memory lane and evolution of Gane’s trademark Krautrock inspired sound. The first half of the album is full of epic Krautrock tracks that combine motorik drum patterns, squalling and swirling synths and echoing an intricate guitar work. In its second half the pace slackens and things become more open and conventionally melodic, on the one hand this gives the album some diversity but also feels as if the band were just about to find a new level and then change direction.

Stream ‘Melody in Feedback Tones’ or the full album (via Spotify) below:

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