After a series of limited edition 7” singles tensed what was to come with his forthcoming “Angels and Demons” album The Bug gives us the biggest sneak peak yet with the “Filthy” EP.

The EP opens with ‘Freakshow’, which features the uniquely voiced U.S. M.C. Danny Brown and Kiki Hitomi The Bug’s collaborator from King Midas Sound. The song begins with Hitomi singing “freakshow” through a haze-y dub delay before distant and disturbing horns come in swiftly followed by Brown and a bass drum, then the full slow moving beat and crusty, creaking synth bass line kick backing the horn riff. As the track progresses towards to dizzying climax The Bug amps up the intensity of the track adding more delay and gritty texture to the mix and ramping up frequency of the drum rolls. Next up, is ‘Dirty’ on which Flowdan lyrical destroys the history of Grime in four minutes flat. He’s performs this over a fizzy lo-fi brass samples and slow echoing drums.

The second half of the EP begins with the echoing piano chords of ‘Kill ‘Em’ then a distant synth figure comes in before the full beat (featuring a clanging snare) kicks and provides backing for Daddy Freddy’s maundering dancehall flow. The Bug then utilises the same backing track on ‘Louder’ this time featuring Flowdan and a different set of drums. The only other difference is that ‘Louder’ is more dynamic than ‘Kill ‘Em’. However considering this is the best and catchiest track on the EP it’s not a compliant to hear it twice.

With “Filthy” The Bug has delivered a great stand alone EP that also whets the appetite perfectly for “Angels and Demons”, can’t wait to hear the album!!!