Liars – “WIXIW” 4th June (Mute Records)

After leaking mysterious audio and video clips on their website and have hinted one of their idols is producing the album Liars are finally talking about their new album. Singer Angus Andrew explains the title (pronounced “wish you”) as follows “It’s a palindrome, and that interested us as far as the idea of starting somewhere, going through a lot of work, and ending up in the same place you started”. Andrew also talked about the album being more electronic and sampled based than recent Liars albums. Read the interview here and stream pre release track ‘No.1 Against The Rush’ here.

Florian Meindl – “WAVES” 4th June (Flash Recordings)

“WAVES” is the debut album for the Berlin-based Austrian producer, DJ and sound designer. The lead single ‘What Is Techno’ is a booming, dirty techno track with an irresistible bass drum, clap and hi-hat groove. A low male voice asks “What is techno? What is house?” as a percussive melody drives the listener to the dancefloor. There isn’t yet a great deal of information on the album but Meindl says it will have a stronger techno touch than his previous EPs.

Oh No – “OhNoMite” 4th June (Traffic Records)

The brother of underground hip-hop’s finest producer Madlib unleashes his last conceptual release based entirely on samples from the blaxploitation film “Dolemite”. The album features guest MCs including DOOM, Alchemist, Guilty Simpson and Erick Sermon.

Beak> – “>>” 11th June (Invada Records)

Two years in the making Geoff Barrow’s krautrock side project return with the promise of a more “progressive” record. The band stuck to the recording their jams in a room of their self titled debut album and only features two overdubs. Early reviews and pre release track ‘Yatton’ seem to confirm this promise, we will have to wait and see.

Doseone – “G Is For Deep” 11th June (Anticon)

His first solo album since 2007 promises to be a welcome return for the ex-cLOUDDEAD founder. Pre release track ‘Last Life’ combines Doseone’s idiosyncratic vocal/rap stylings with his most pop oriented melody to date. It’s the sort of track that puts a smile on your face and it’s got me (Liam, Sonic Fiction Editor) very excited about “G Is For Deep”.

Bobby Womack – “The Bravest Man in the Universe” 11th June (XL)

After his triumphant return on Gorillaz “Plastic Beach” album, Womack returns with a new solo album produced by Damon Albarn and XL Records owner Richard Russell and featuring guest vocals from Lana Del Ray.

Neneh Cherry and The Thing – “The Cherry Thing” 18th June 2012

A covers album created by Neneh Cherry of ‘Buffalo Stance’ fame and Norwegian noise-jazz trio The Thing seems unlike but here it is featuring covers of Suicide, The Stooges, Don Cherry (Neneh’s Dad) and Ornette Coleman among others.

Delta Funktionen – “Traces” 18th June (Delsin) 

Delta Funktionen says his début album on the faultless Delsin label will pair “a raw, machine made aesthetic with plenty of real human soul and palpable earthly emotion.” The Dutch producer also states, “Traces…covers … my favourite subgenres within electronic music: techno, house, electro and (Italo)-disco.” “The album will cover lots of ground, with not all of it completely focused on the dancefloor.” With tracks like the atmospheric, blissful electro cut ‘Frozen Land’ and the sticky acid of ‘Enter’, “Traces” looks to be an album for listening to as much as it is for dancing.

Christian Löffler – “A Forest” 18th June (Ki)

Another third début album for June is “A Forest” from Christian Löffler. The German artist founded Ki three years ago as an outlet for his deep techno productions after releasing minimal techno/tech-house tracks on Orphanear, a label started by Pawel, an artist on Dial. As well as dance-based tracks, “A Forest” will feature ambient passages. ‘Feelharmonia’, featuring mournful vocals from Gry, is a relaxed techno cut made up of shuffling percussion and a bouncing synth pattern.

Peaking Lights – “Lucifer” (18th June 2012)

Peaking Lights say that those that have heard their new album “conjure a night time version of previous works, music to soundtrack the moonrise to the sunrise” and “there was a new approach to recording our rhythms and we were able to see through many more influences”. Check out the “Lucifer Mix Tape” featuring snippets of tracks from the album here.

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – “Fetch” 18th June (Honest Jon’s)

“Fetch” is third studio album by Moritz Von Oswald, Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay) and Max Loderbauer. It is described as showcasing a “darker and more driving mood” than previous works. The album was recorded in the late summer of last year and includes contributions from Marc Muellbauer (bass), Tobias Freund (effects), Jonas Schoen (flute, bass clarinet, saxophone) and trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky. “Fetch” will contain a fluid set of tracks that are recordings of live improvised sessions, the running theme with releases by the trio.