Having witnessed Holy Fuck live at The Faversham in Leeds back in 2008 my expectations were high ahead of this tour to promote new album ‘Latin’ and on Tuesday they performed far beyond them. Their set was inspirational and an example of how a live show should be. Exhilarating from start to finish they showed what a difference having a stable line-up for two years has made, being at once a much tighter unit and one that allows more flexibility as they can trust their band mates to follow them and despite getting stuck behind some obscenely tall people I was able to see how Holy Fuck had improved. This vastly improved my understanding of what the sounds were: treated vocals and many coming from a vast array of second-hand keyboards, effects pedals and other devices spread across two tables.

The set focused heavily on songs from ‘Latin’ but really hit its stride when the band played their best tune ‘Lovely Allen’, ‘The Pulse’ and ‘Choppers’ from 2007’s ‘LP’. During these the crowd reached higher levels of excitement which propelled the band onwards through the rest of the set, which included a brilliant version ‘SHT MTN’ with Brain Borcherdt in a rare bit of guitar wielding. The energy and excitement continued through a brutal tribal encore (I was surprised the drum kit stayed in one piece) as the band finished off even the most hardened of moshers.

So a great gig and special mentions should go to the great venue (my first time at the Deaf Institute) and support act SBTRKT.